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I’m an all-rounder in digital marketing with a very varied background. I’ve worked in an agency looking after 30+ clients and also with in-house marketing teams.

I’ve been fortunate to work with some great entrepreneurs in startups to larger corporate organisations. I’ve worked on accounts with 100 visits to their website a month and those with 1 million hits. And what I’ve learnt is this: When you boil it down the goals and tactics are essentially the same, it’s just the numbers that are different.

I’ve been in a lot of meetings where I’ve heard a lot of buzzwords and I can say for sure that I don’t like digital BS! But, I’ve also worked with some incredibly knowledgeable people too. Being an all-rounder means I’ll work on what’s right for you. I won’t try and push an SEO strategy if I don’t think it will get you anywhere.

When I work with people my first step is to understand their aims. It usually comes down to sales, but can of course be brand awareness too. From there, I’ll look at where you are digitally. That might be, how many followers you have on Twitter, how many keywords you’re ranking for, what webpages have the best conversion rates etc. I’ll also get to know your audience and where they are in the market. Maybe they’re nowhere to be seen on Instagram and we need a targeted remarketing campaign across LinkedIn. There are a lot of possibilities.

When I’m not working on digital campaigns, then by night I’m also a musician & audio engineer. I have an obsessive amount of Beatles records, far too many guitars than I can play and a recently acquired drumkit. My neighbours love me.

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