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Develop clever SEO & PPC campaign ideas with my support

One-off sessions, reports or monthly support

SEO & Google Ads consultancy for agencies

With over 100 projects in my experience, including working with start-ups to international corporations, I’ve got a wealth of wisdom I can pass on. Whether you need some fresh ideas or guidance to know what you’re doing is right you can consult with me as and when you need or even on a monthly basis.

To me, the best ideas are the ones that can be explained simply. So with anything I do I always speak plainly so everyone can understand it. I don’t hide behind technical nonsense and I’ll make sure you come away feeling more confident than ever.

To work with me, get in touch.

What do I provide?

Zoom strategy sessions

For marketing agencies who need ideas for content strategies, link building tactics or to sense-check a Google Ads campaign my online consulting sessions are perfect. Some agencies like to have one these each month to get regular guidance and support. Others prefer a simple one-off session.

Whatever you need my approach is always down-to-earth and honest. I won’t fob you off with any unnecessary tech-speak or give you the same-old textbook answer. I’m here to provide real-world advice with an understanding of your client demands.

  • SEO Strategy Advice
  • Specific Google Ads Questions
  • Sense check your digital marketing ideas

My sessions cost £60 per hour and are perfect for agencies who may have a little SEO or PPC knowledge already and need a consultant to take them up a level. It’s also a great alternative to sitting through 30 hours worth of Google Ads training!

SEO Audits

Every now and then it’s good to take stock of your current SEO performance with a full extensive audit of your current website. This is particularly useful when you are building a new website and want to ensure you don’t lose any SEO value when switching over.

The SEO audit report is not just another rebranded “insert-link-here-and-get-an-instant-report”. Instead, I use my experience and knowledge of the SEO game to examine your website and make a comprehensive list of recommendations that will help you in the long run. This covers:

  • Keyword targeting breakdown
  • Technical audit analysis
  • On-site content inspection
  • Backlink profile dissection
  • Competitor comparison

So, if you’re asking yourself questions like, “How good is our backlink profile?” or “Where are our content gaps?” or “How much of our web traffic is actually any good?”, then an SEO Audit is exactly what you need.

Web migration SEO support

When you’re building a new website you don’t want to lose any SEO value you’ve built up on your current site when switching over. By conducting an SEO audit I can provide a list of recommendations to help ensure your new website carries over the SEO value (or maybe even improves it!).

But as well as providing you with a list of recommendations, I can also go ahead and do the work, which means carrying out the following:

  • Improving your websites navigation for maximum SEO value
  • Optimising page titles, meta descriptions & headings
  • Advising on URL structure to cover all keyword gaps
  • Creating mass redirects
  • Advising on design to optimise conversions
  • Go-live SEO management
  • Monitoring important keyword rankings before and after go-live

If you’re anxious about losing keyword rankings or site traffic with a new website, then get in touch.

Google Ads audits

As well as looking at the organic side of website traffic in my SEO audits I also offer recommendations on paid traffic campaigns through my Google Ads Audits.

These audit are useful in a number of scenarios. Someone may have left your agency and you’ve taken over an account and you have no idea where to start in terms of managing or optimising it. Or, an account may have been tweaked and changed over a number of years with numerous campaigns all to the point where you don’t know what’s what anymore.

In either scenario I can investigate the entire account and provide you with a list of recommendations to improve the account, covering the following:

  • Campaign structure
  • Keyword targeting
  • Conversion points
  • Locations
  • Mobile vs desktop
  • Branded vs non-branded

So if you’re finding yourself lost within Google Ads then get in touch and I’ll see how I can help.

My recent work

"I have worked with Ryan on a number of projects and it always amazes me the breadth of his knowledge and expertise within SEO and Digital Marketing."

About me

A digital marketing consultant with an analogue mindset

With well over a century of projects under my belt, I’m excited to offer my insights and knowledge onto others. I’ve launched over 100 websites from businesses both big and small and I’ve seen what makes the best projects run smoothly. I pride myself on talking freely and simply – You’ll find only clear-cut recommendations here.

To work with me, get in touch.

Ryan - RCD Digital Marketing
15+ Years digital marketing experience
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