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Freelance Email Marketing Services

Monthly email marketing support to help grow your business online

One-Man Email Marketing Agency & Freelancer

Designing, writing and planning email marketing campaigns since 2010.

Email Marketing is the perfect channel to generate sales, enquiries and developing relationships with existing customers. It’s been used for years but it’s still one of the best formats for communicating to customers and getting tangible results.

Email Marketing can take various forms – whether it’s a more simple monthly newsletter or a sophisticated email automation system based on demographics and click data. Whichever type of style you need, we can discuss what your best strategy might be depending on what goals you have in mind.

10+ years digital marketing experience
10+ years digital marketing experience

Email Marketing Services – What does it include?

I work with small and medium-sized businesses to provide email marketing services on a monthly or project basis. Email marketing can be provided just on its own or along with other services like SEO and PPC.

Template Design

Templates are there to make your campaigns quicker to create, as well as providing customers with familiarity to your brand.


Emails aren’t just about graphics – your tone of voice is equally as important and we can help write the copy for your email campaigns.


Familiar newsletters are still a great way to stand out amongst the noise and provide an update.


Showcasing your latest products through email is still an effective method at generating revenue from repeat business.


Email automation is now easier than ever. Whether it’s asking for a review a week after purchase or sending information on related products.


Categorising your audiences will help to provide them with more relevant information and produce more sophisticated campaigns.


Your email marketing plan is part of your wider digital strategy and we’ll make sure that they both align.

Analytics Reporting

An email marketing campaign is only effective with good reporting. Opens, clicks, recommendations for future campaigns – we’ll give you the most important info.

Email Marketing Freelancer

The full email marketing cycle

Whether you have a current email marketing software platform in place or you need to shift to a new system I can help give you recommendations based on price and functionality – it might well be MailChimp, or it could be SendInBlue, or maybe even Constant Contact.

I can also go full circle – this means if your email needs to contain a new blog post, I can write that post for you and publish it to your website on your behalf. Being an all-round digital marketer means I understand the ins and outs of how email marketing works in conjunction with other channels.

How do you build an email marketing plan?

Your email marketing strategy needs to be based on what your overall aims are. Whether that’s educating customers about your range of services, strengthening relationships or simply selling more products, each one of those can shape how your email marketing strategy will look.

Template Design

With most template designs it’s often better to keep things simple as the primary aim is to make sure that your users can see the contents of the email quickly without any rendering issues across different devices. But your branding still needs to be reflected in your design.

I can construct different email templates for use across different campaigns such as event booking templates, important announcements, newsletters, new products and more.



With my email marketing service it’s all about using just one person to carry out the full service, which is why I also provide copywriting for blog posts as well as the copy within emails. Need images sourced too? No problem.



There’s no point in conducting an email marketing campaign if you can’t provide adequate reporting on which campaigns are working, which have had the most clicks, which products are the most popular, who is a hot lead etc. I have a background within data and analytics which means you’ll get extensive, detailed but easy-to-read reporting.


Questions people often ask

What's the best email marketing platform?

This entirely depends on what functionality and budget you have. There are some great platforms available for both big and small businesses such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor and SendInBlue. If you don’t currently have a system you are using already or you are open to switching from your current system then we can chat about what the best option might be for your business.

Do you work with agencies?

Yes. I can support other digital marketing agencies. Contact me to discuss.

How does GDPR impact my email marketing?

At a basic level you should not be sending promotional emails to anyone who hasn’t explicitly signed up to receive email marketing from your business. Customers should also have very easy access to edit their email marketing preferences or opt out altogether. As well, when users sign up, they should be able to opt in to receive promotional emails.

I have a list of emails I bought - can I send to them?

No – This is bad practice, unethical and could see you receiving a big fine based on GDPR regulations. This tactic is also one of the worst methods at lead generation – so it is a pointless exercise from the start.

Can I combine Email Marketing with another service like SEO or PPC?

Yes – If you need a one-man marketing department then I can recommend what channels will give you the best results whether it’s a combination of PPC, SEO & email marketing.

Who is RCD Digital Marketing?

RCD is me. I’m a one-man-band Digital Marketer with over 10 years’ experience. I usually work as a one-man team but on occasions I do sometimes draft in help from some incredible professionals who I have a great relationship with. I also like dogs and the Rolling Stones.

Get started

If you’re a small or medium sized business needing digital marketing support, drop me a line and we can see what we can do.

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