Digital Marketing Services For Small Businesses

The methods used by the Goliath’s for the David’s

Being a small business doesn’t mean you have to restrict your digital marketing activity. If anything, it’s the opposite – you can be much more agile and move quicker to jump on opportunities because there’s less red tape. Not only that, but as an experienced digital marketing professional I get to apply the tactics the big boys use for the smaller guys.


PPC (Google Ads)

Content marketing

Email marketing

Website management

Social media

Google Analytics & Tag Manager

Dashboard reporting

Getting the right marketing mix

As an all-rounder in digital marketing I’m your one-stop-shop. I’ve worked with businesses from startups to corporates implementing digital marketing strategies to get them front and center on the web. With me, you’ll get someone who will help you develop in the appropriate digital channels. That means if social media is what you need then we’ll focus more on that, or if an email marketing strategy is what’s required we’ll turn up the dial there instead.


I tend to place a lot of emphasis on SEO and with good reason: Google brings high volume and high quality traffic to your website. Often I start with SEO because it helps lay the foundations for a successful digital marketing plan.

  • Local SEO
  • Content marketing
  • Online review strategy
  • On-site optimisation


Many people have been put off by PPC and say things like “I don’t click the ads”. Well, all the data points completely in the other direction. It works and it also doesn’t need to be expensive.

  • Google Adwords
  • Remarketing strategies
  • Social media advertising

Email marketing

Email marketing has been around a long time and it’s still one of the best digital channels to utilise for brand awareness. But with GDPR now in play it’s important to know what you can and can’t do.

  • Automation
  • Newsletters
  • Cross-selling

Social media

There’s so much more you can do with social than just simply posting to a Twitter account. Getting influencers talking about your product and tracking your reach can just be the start.

  • Tracking
  • Advertising
  • Outreach


Analytics drives all the above. It helps us to make decisions on what to do and where to go next. With Google Analytics and lots of other tools it also gives you oversight of your performance online.

  • Personalised dashboards
  • Training
  • Reporting

Project-based & ongoing digital marketing services

Digital projects

Digital projects are time-sensitive events that require a consultative approach. I’ve worked with both big and small budget projects in corporate and creative industries.

Corporate website build
SEO input for a new website
SEO audit report
Digital marketing (PPC & social media) for an event
Digital marketing training for teams

Ongoing digital growth

I work with small and medium-sized businesses on an ongoing monthly basis, growing their online visibility and driving new customers to their website.

Search engine optimisation
PPC online advertising
Email marketing
Social media
Content marketing

To discuss either of the above get in touch and we can chat over your plans and meet up for a coffee.

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