IMM Models

Producing an in-depth analytics report and digital dashboard to guide the business strategy

“Ryan set up our digital dashboard reports and explained what to look out for. Now I’m clearer on how to expand our business through our website.”

Analytics insight

Digital strategy

Project background

IMM Models is a London-based model agency with over 25 years experience in sourcing models for editorial, commercial and advertising campaigns.

In wanting to build on their successful agency, they were keen to understand any extra insight they could gain from their data and analytics.


After discussing with IMM what exactly they wanted to find out, a tailored and extensive analytics report was created with extra recommendations and guidance to get the most out for their future digital marketing activity.

While stats and metrics on their own can be useful, interpreting them and understanding the story behind it can be much more valuable. So rather than just asking the question, “which of the social media channels are most useful to us?” or “which of our blog posts are the most valuable?”, it’s more valuable to ask “why?”.

After producing in-depth analytics report and setting up a digital dashboard so that they can track their digital activity on one screen, IMM were far more informed to make decisions based on their better understanding of their data and analytics.

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