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SEO-Friendly Web Design

Web design with SEO, content & structure first

One-Man Search-Friendly Web Design Agency

SEO is integral to any new web design.

One of the harshest lessons to learn is that a super slick website with animation, whizzing graphics and minimal text, can be one of the biggest mistakes to make.

There’s no point building a website if hardly anyone is going to see it. So, rather than start with design first and marketing second, we do it the other way round.

This means we still use sleek animation and modern design, but we make sure the content and site structure is the absolute king of the crop to make sure you get the right people finding and coming to your website.

10+ years digital marketing experience
10+ years digital marketing experience

Search-Friendly Web Design – What does it include?

WordPress Design

We create WordPress websites because they’re fast (great for SEO!), flexible and easy for you to maintain.


Your site structure will be influenced by your goals as well as our thorough keyword research – taking the guesswork out of it completely.

Analytics & Data-Driven Design

Using analytics we can construct your site to improve the user journey and conversion rates.

Increase Keyword Rankings

With clever structure and SEO-driven copywriting your site will be built to increase search-engine visibility.

Fast For Desktops & Mobiles

Speed is not only vital for users but also for SEO, so we always start with speed first.


Tone of voice, visual identity and creative storytelling are all part of your brand – Through our branding workshops we can freshen up your personality.


We can produce carefully written, search-engine optimised copy throughout your website.


By combining web design and SEO you’ll be getting two agencies in one.

SEO Web Design Explained

Web design with optimised content & structure first

Before we begin any web design project we start by understanding your aims and objectives. These aims are usually “I want more enquiries” and this straight away feeds into how we build a website. It might mean that all pages contain a highly visible and immediate call-to-action like a booking form.

Another aim might be that you want to improve brand awareness which typically translates into “I want more high-quality traffic to the website”. In which case we’ll look to structure your landing pages and blog in a way that maximises your search-friendly keywords as well as building in email sign-up forms in order to maintain a relationship with your visitors.

With both aims it’s all about having the right pages that target the right keywords to ensure high quality traffic coming into your website. You wouldn’t build a hotel without checking how many rooms you need to ensure a healthy business, and it’s the same with web design.

How do you build a search-friendly website?

Keyword Research

Once we know your aims we then uncover what pages you need and how many.

We find this out in two ways – Firstly, by talking to you and discovering more about how your business works, what it does, where it makes its profit and what areas you are keen to expand.

Secondly, we do our own research into popular keywords, which keywords drive user engagement and which keywords are untapped in the market.

Keyword research drives the structure and navigation of a website. Even this website you are on now – there isn’t just one page that contains “all digital marketing services”, there are several pages so that each of the services can achieve maximum visibility.



When you’re building a new website it’s vital to check out what’s working well on your existing website. Your current website might look and feel really outdated to you now, but there may be some hidden gems that we don’t want to get rid of for your new site.

This could be a really popular blog post that’s getting hundreds of hits a week or a landing page that’s generating lots of enquiries. Either way, we don’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater, and while we will probably be updating the design, it may be that there are some real golden pages we want to keep the same wording on. I’ll cover all this in an SEO Audit Report.


Fast WordPress Design

We create websites using the most popular web platform – WordPress. This is not only a great system for building search-friendly websites but it can also generate the most creatively designed websites with polished graphics, smooth animations and contemporary layouts.

While we know more than anyone that web design needs to be built with SEO in mind, we also know that a website needs to deliver more than just blocks of text to keep a user engaged. We only build websites that we are chuffed to put our name to.



A month after the launch of your new website, we provide you with a report that shows the difference in keyword rankings and web performance. This is so you can see what has improved.


Web-design questions people ask

How much does a new website cost?

This all depends on the size, functionality, number of pages your website needs and whether you need a brand refresh. One of the big plus points is that as a web design and SEO agency in one place, you get a better price. Typically our web design services start from £1k and go up to £10k.

How long does a new website take to build?

From our initial fact-finding and brand workshop session to go-live this typically takes around 3 to 4 months depending on the size of the project. Smaller projects can take just 2 months and bigger projects may take a bit longer.

Who is RCD Digital Marketing?

RCD is me. I’m a freelance Digital Marketer in Hertfordshire & Cambridge with over 10 years’ experience. I usually work as a one-man team but I occasionally draft in help from incredibly talented professionals who I have a great relationship with. I also like dogs and I’m a musician in my spare time.

Latest projects

“I would recommend Ryan to get results as one of our websites has increased to 623% in organic traffic since the same time last year.”

Rating: 5

“Ryan did an outstanding job of understanding our organisation and our brief for a new website. The final result has surpassed our expectations.”

Broadway Lodge
Rating: 5

“I have worked with Ryan on a number of projects and it always amazes me the breadth of his knowledge and expertise within SEO and Digital Marketing.”

Hide the Shark
Rating: 5
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If you’re a small or medium sized business needing digital marketing support, drop me a line and we can see what we can do.

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