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Increase your exposure in Google sustainably

Freelance SEO Consultant

Search Engine Optimisation services

Search engine optimisation is changing very quickly. When I first dived into SEO in 2010 I was amazed at the iffy tactics and at times, unethical practices. I didn’t understand how a website could rank #1 if it didn’t deserve it.

My thought then, as it still is now, is that trying to fool an algorithm will come back to bite you on the backside very quickly. I stuck by my guns ensuring I only used what’s known as white-hat methods in order to get the best visibility for the websites’. And it paid off. Simply put, in order to get higher rankings you need to earn your place. There are no shortcuts, just good strategies.

To work with me, get in touch.

What does my SEO service include?

On-page optimisation

Headings, page titles, site speed, image optimisation, ongoing content optimisation – this is the bread and butter of SEO.

Local SEO

Your map listing and online reviews make a big difference in ensuring your visibility in local areas.

Link building

Quality backlinks are like digital recommendations from other websites – they are the key factor in stronger rankings.

Content marketing

Blog posts, videos, podcasts and other formats help to oil the SEO engine of your website.

Conversion rate optimisation

It’s great getting people to a website but then we need to ensure they enquire when they get there.

Digital PR

Extracting a good story from your business and spreading the word is a great way of increasing digital visibility.

Digital strategy

SEO is one part of your overall digital strategy that could include social media and PPC – these all need to work together on the same page.

Web analytics

Analytics and keywords are monitored and reported on every month to ensure you get good visibility of what’s happening.

How does my SEO service work?

1. Get in touch

We’ll start by talking about your aims and why you want to do something. I’ll then recommend to you a couple of different options, typically a smaller budget option and a larger one. There’s no pressure from me to take the larger option (and I often recommend the smaller one anyway). I may also recommend we look at Google Ads depending on your position.

2. Get working

Then it’s all about cracking on. Typically the first month involves a lot of setting up and analysing your the current state of your website and online exposure. I’ll take a look at your current keyword rankings, the state of your website traffic and what’s working and what isn’t. After the first month I might look at creating new content, new landing pages, link building tactics – all things to get your site higher up.

3. Get reporting

At the end of each month I’ll email you an easy to read report highlighting the key areas such as keyword rankings, site traffic, number of conversions and best pages. I’ll also comment on what’s been happening and where your site is at.

My recent work

"I would recommend Ryan to get results as one of our websites has increased to 623% in organic traffic since the same time last year."


How much does your SEO service cost?

I provide all websites with a tailored fee based on the size of their business, website and their goals. Prices start from £300 per month. Get in touch to find out more.

Should I combine SEO with Google Ads?

Sometimes this is a great option, as typically Google Ads can help get your website noticed in the short term, while organic SEO is about sustainable long term growth. I’ll talk to you first and once I know what your aims are, I’ll then I recommend whether you need SEO or PPC or SEO and PPC together.

Are there long contracts?

No. For clients wishing to get monthly support with SEO & PPC, there are no 6 months contracts – just a rolling monthly agreement.

About me

A down-to-earth SEO professional

I’ve worked both agency and client side, for big and small businesses alike. I’ve been fortunate to help launch over 100 websites, from small one-person start-ups to international corporates and I have a lot of wisdom to share. I don’t like jargon and I like simplicity.

To work with me, get in touch.

Ryan - RCD Digital Marketing
15+ Years digital marketing experience
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