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No shortcuts, no tricks, just solid, first class SEO marketing

My SEO journey began in 2010

Search engine optimisation is changing very quickly. When I first dived into SEO in 2010 I was amazed at the iffy tactics and at times, unethical practices. I didn’t understand how a website could rank #1 if it didn’t deserve it. My thought then, as it still is now, is that trying to fool an algorithm will come back to bite you on the backside very quickly. I stuck by my guns ensuring I only used what’s known as white-hat methods in order to get the best visibility for the websites’ I was working on. And it paid off, massively. Simply put, in order to get higher rankings you need to earn your place. There are no shortcuts, just good strategies.

On-site optimisation

Local SEO

Link building

Content marketing

Google Analytics & Tag Manager

Video SEO

Online reviews

Dashboard reporting

Project-based & ongoing SEO services

Digital projects

Digital projects are one-off time-sensitive events that require a consultative approach. I’ve worked on projects with both big and small budget projects in corporate to creative environments.

Technical SEO input for a new website
SEO audit report
 Website migration
 Content guidance and writing

Ongoing SEO growth

I work with small and medium-sized businesses on an ongoing monthly basis, growing their online visibility and driving new customers.

Technical SEO
Link building
Website management

To discuss either of the above get in touch and we can chat over your plans and meet up for a coffee.

Building your SEO strategy

Every strategy starts by analysing what you have in place already. I’ll get to work on how well your website is performing on-site and off-site. This analysis will form the foundations of your SEO strategy. Usually we’ll fix any technical issues and then move on to the more exciting stuff.

Your strategy might involve building online reviews, developing a content marketing strategy or increasing brand mentions through social media. There are lots of routes that can be taken. It’s all about using a mix of technical know-how with full proof marketing methods.

Where do we start with your SEO?

Any SEO or digital marketing campaign begins by analysing your current situation. For SEO, this can be split into 2 parts:

Website analysis
(on-site optimisation)

The foundations of SEO begins with your website. Before taking on anything else your website needs to be ticking all the boxes in the eyes of Google. This is typically the more technical side of things.

+  Technical analysis
+  Keyword focus
+  Conversion optimisation
+  User journey

Digital footprint
(off-site optimisation)

Once you have a strong foundation then you can build on your external influences. This has in previous years typically come down to links pointing back to your website, but these days it’s a lot more than that.

+  Link analysis
+  Keyword rankings
+  Local visibility
+  Competitor & keyword gap analysis

Local SEO

If someone searches for “SEO Freelancer Cambridge” (or if they have searched for “SEO Freelancer” while in Cambridge), this is seen as a local search and it’s very important particularly for SME’s and service-based businesses, as there is lots of intent here from the user.

There are particular tactics we can use to make sure that your visibility is as good as it can be. Google Maps listings and getting genuine online reviews are just the start. These “tactics” aren’t anything deceptive either. They’re about making sure you are using what’s best of the tools available to get your business front and center.

Content marketing

Content marketing is a buzzword that’s been around a few years now. It’s all about getting found by creating helpful guides for your audience in the form of blog posts, videos, podcasts and graphics. Not only by producing this content will you appear to be a helpful business but it can result in lots of traffic to your website. Typically, there are more people searching for help in an area rather than wanting to buy a product related to that area. For example “Freelance SEO Consultant” has 170 searches a month vs “What is SEO” has 2,400.

We can explore what content will work best for you based on research I’ll undertake in your area. I might select a few topics, interview you over the phone and then type up your repsonses as articles that we can publish as blog posts. The next step is to market those posts and that’s where social media, email marketing and online advertising all come in to play.

Video SEO

The second largest search engine in the UK is YouTube. There are many that believe this will gradually overtake Google and become as, if not more, important. Only recently did I purchase a new Hi-Fi system with my first step heading to YouTube and checking out the reviews of the latest systems. Many businesses might not think at first that video doesn’t lend itself naturally to what they provide as a service, but it can. This is an extension of content marketing and it’s a channel that many businesses could jump on. I can help you to find the right content to talk about and also create the video.

Reporting & Dashboards

None of the above would be half as useful without reporting on it. You’ll always get monthly reports on your digital and SEO campaigns in an easy-to-digest format from me, with comments and recommendations. The reports will be comprehensive but they’ll be front-loaded with important stuff you need to know instantly.

Monthly reports are great, but on a daily basis having a digital dashboard is even better. I’ll set up your personalised, tailored digital dashboard for your business that you’ll be able to access on your computer or mobile.

What do they say?

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