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Freelance Google Analytics (GA4) Specialist

Google Analytics setup & support

Analysing your online performance shouldn’t be difficult. I can help set up your Google Analytics (GA4) profile correctly, track goals and events, and then set you up with an easy-to-read dashboard with all the relevant information tailored to your website.

For marketing managers and business owners, it’s so important to get accurate information on your website performance so that you can make better informed decisions – That’s where Google Analytics can help.

I’ve seen it happen before – making snap decisions to build a separate website, inaccurate and spam-filled data being used to influence decisions at board-level, owners removing popular services where they already have a competitive advantage. There are so many examples and it’s understandable that these things happen without having the right information.

If you need help setting up or understanding your Google Analytics, get in touch.

What does my Google Analytics support help you with?


I can setup your GA4 account correctly ensuring you’re measuring performance the right way.

Event tracking

Tracking the right events is important to get the most out of your performance analysis.

Goal tracking

Using a mixture of both GA4 and GTM we can track the right goals for your website.


I can analyse your existing setup and performance and make recommendations to move forward.


Have an ecommerce site? I can setup your GA4 account to track purchases and more so that you can understand shoppers behaviour.


Moving across to a new site brings its own challenges – I can help ensure your analytics moves across correctly.


A dashboard will help you understand your website performance at a glance – perfect for when time is precious.


I can offer ongoing Google Analytics support so that help is always on hand when you need it.

Google Analytics support

Get the answers to your Google Analytics questions

With Google Analytics (GA4) installed and setup correctly it will be easier to understand your website’s performance and find out the answers to questions such as the following:

  • Which digital channel is providing the best quality traffic?
  • How successful was my recent marketing campaign?
  • Which of my products are most popular but aren’t being purchased?
  • Which blog posts have the most influence in assisting conversions?
  • Should I spend more money on Google Ads or LinkedIn Ads campaigns?
  • Which sections of the website are most popular?
  • How does the website’s performance compare with previous years?
  • Should I open a new service line?
  • Are users able to find what they need?
  • Do I need more or less web pages?

My recent work

"I have worked with Ryan on a number of projects and it always amazes me the breadth of his knowledge and expertise within SEO and Digital Marketing."

Google Analytics support questions

I'm no good with Google Analytics - can you help me?

Yes. I provide training to show you all the things that are the most relevant to you. Data doesn’t need to be scary – often we hear “experts” talk about complicated things like cross-exanimated multi-dimensional segmentation filter channels – but you don’t need to worry! Data is only useful if you can understand it. And my role is to help you do just that.

Should I be using Google Tag Manager or Google Analytics?

Both of these tools are useful for any website but they have different purposes. As a freelance Google Analytics specialist I have extensive knowledge of both tools and can happily help in the setup and maintenance of both.

Do you work with marketing agencies?

Yes. I can support other digital marketing agencies.

About me

A plainspoken analytics expert

I’ve worked on 100+ projects both big and small – from helping new businesses launch their first website to rolling out products for global companies. I’m all about making SEO & Analytics as easy as possible for everyone.

To work with me, get in touch.

Ryan - RCD Digital Marketing
15+ Years digital marketing experience
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