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Grow your business quickly through Google Ads

Freelance Google Ads Consultant

Google Ads PPC services

While Search Engine Optimisation is a great long-term and sustainable strategy for building brand awareness as well as targeted lead generation, sometimes new business needs to be coming in immediately – And, that’s where Google Ads Pay Per Click advertising comes in.

The ads themselves can take many forms, whether it’s simple text ads in Google, display remarketing ads around the web or even video ads, they each perform different roles depending on your aims as a business. I’ll help you find what’s right for you and manage the whole process.

To work with me, get in touch.

What does my Google Ads service include?

Full set up

You won’t have to lift a finger – I’ll take care of everything so you’ll never have to look at the frightening Google Ads system ever!

Budget management

You’ll only ever spend what you want to, but I’ll always recommend if I think an increased (or even decreased) budget will help you more.

Keyword research

Quality keyword research will ensure that only people who are interested in seeing what you have to offer come across your ads.

Landing page design

Creating a well-crafted landing page is the key to making a great first impression and getting people to take action.

Conversion rate optimisation

Getting people to a website is the first step in the journey, but we need those visitors to take action.

Text, display & ecommerce ads

I’ll use whichever ad format is needed to get your brand out there.


Remarketing is a cost-effective and highly method of increasing brand awareness and enquiries.

Web analytics

A PPC campaign is only as good as its reporting. Using Google Analytics and other tools we can give reports which help you make better decisions.

How does my Google Ads service work?

1. Get in touch

We’ll kick off by chatting about your goals and intentions. I’ll then recommend a couple of different options, typically a smaller budget option and a larger one. There’s no pressure from me to take the larger option (and I often recommend the smaller one anyway). I may also recommend we look at SEO depending on your aims.

2. Get working

Then it’s all about cracking on. Typically the first month involves a lot of setting up. After that though your ads will be up and running and hopefully bringing in new business to you. With each month I’ll be continually optimising your ads ensuring that you get the best from your budget.

3. Get reporting

At the end of each month I’ll email you an easy to read report that shows you how well your ad campaigns are performing, including how many people came to your website and how many enquiries you received.

My recent work

"I have worked with Ryan on a number of projects and it always amazes me the breadth of his knowledge and expertise within SEO and Digital Marketing."


How much does your Google Ads services cost?

I provide all businesses with a tailored fee based on the size of their business, how much time is required and their Google Ads budget. Prices start from £150 per month. Get in touch to find out more.

Should I combine Google Ads with organic SEO?

This is a great option if you really want to maximise your results. While Google Ads campaigns can be run long term, organic SEO is typically more sustainable. This is because if you stop spending money on your ads then you no longer show in Google, but that isn’t the case for SEO.

Are there long contracts?

No. For clients wishing to get monthly support with SEO & PPC, there are no 6 months contracts – just a rolling monthly agreement.

About me

A plainspoken Google Ads expert

I’ve been around the block – from helping new businesses launch their first website to rolling out products for global companies. Over 100 projects later, I’m happy to share my wisdom and the lessons I learned along the way. You’ll find no jargon here – just simple recommendations.

To work with me, get in touch.

Ryan - RCD Digital Marketing
15+ Years digital marketing experience
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