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Freelance PPC Services

Monthly PPC management to help grow your business online

One-Man PPC Agency & Freelancer

My PPC journey began in 2010.

While Search Engine Optimisation is a great long-term and sustainable strategy at building brand awareness as well as targeted lead generation, sometimes new business needs to be coming in immediately – And, that’s where Pay Per Click advertising plays a really important role.

Typically with Pay Per Click (or PPC) advertising, we’re talking about Google Ads, but it can also mean Bing Ads and social advertising across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

The ads themselves can take many forms, whether it’s simple text ads in Google, display remarketing ads or video ads, and they each perform different roles depending on your campaign – This is something I’ll help you with and manage for you.

10+ years digital marketing experience
10+ years digital marketing experience

PPC Services – What does it include?

I work with SMEs providing PPC and other digital marketing services on a monthly basis.

Google Ads

The most popular PPC platform and usually the most efficient at supporting your business.

Bing Ads

While Bing serves only a fraction of user searches in comparison to Google, it’s continuously growing and often cheaper.

LinkedIn Ads

Great for B2B organisations and for targeting specific job titles.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is still very useful for eCommerce businesses and provides a much more creative platform.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

It’s great getting people to a website but then we need to ensure they enquire when they get there with clever design.


Remarketing is a cost-effective and efficient way at raising brand awareness for both big and small businesses.

Digital Strategy

PPC is just one strand of your digital marketing and we can align it with your overall goals.

Web Analytics

A PPC campaign is only as good as its reporting. Using Google Analytics and other tools we can give reports which help you make better decisions.

PPC Explained

What is PPC and why do people do it?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click and is a form of online advertising typically done through Google Ads. But it isn’t just limited to Google Ads, there’s also Bing Ads as well as social media advertising through platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook.

The great benefit to PPC is that you only have to “pay per click” and the cost for each click can be very affordable (from as little as around 25p). PPC can come in different forms, from standard text ads on Google to remarketed video ads on LinkedIn.

Plus you can also finely tune your audience – like saying I only want to target small business owners in a 5 mile radius of Cambridge who are aged between 25 to 55 and really like dogs.

How do you build a PPC strategy?

We’ll always start by discussing who your audience is and what is their intent, followed by what are your goals and what’s your budget. We’ll use that to form the basis of your PPC strategy.

Google Ads

The Google Ads platform is the most popular system to use for PPC advertising. This is partly because of its mass appeal and the search intent of the user – For example, when someone searches for a “PPC Freelancer in Cambridge” they are most likely looking for just that.

  • Most used network
  • Often best performing
  • Pro-active customers

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Facebook & Instagram are great advertising platforms for creative and visual businesses and those that need to target a 20-50 year old age group. It’s also great for local advertising too as adverts for local events really stick out as recognisable to the user amongst other photos.

  • Creative ads
  • Wide-ranging audience targeting
  • Large network

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn has a very intuitive advertising platform that’s perfect for reaching people with particular job titles. While it’s a great platform for B2B services, it doesn’t just have to be restricted to corporate style businesses – it’s all about matching up your target audience to the platform’s audience.

  • Great for corporate and B2B
  • Focused audience targeting
  • Large network


Whether it’s knowing which product sell best on weekends or which type of blog posts actually get read, we need to know what’s working best so we know where to put our efforts.

PPC questions people ask

Can I combine PPC with another service like SEO?

Yes – in particular PPC works well alongside SEO. But also, if you need a one-man marketing department then I can recommend what channels will give you the best results whether it’s a combination of PPC, SEO & email marketing or just social media advertising.

I did PPC once and it didn't work for me - why should I try again?

There are so many factors at play when you create a PPC campaign. Did you have full tracking in place? Was your website engaging enough? Did your web copy mention the right keywords to bring down your total cost? Did you only try display advertising? Similarly I tried beer when I was younger and didn’t like it, now I have a craft beer subscription.

What if I only have a limited budget?

The great thing about PPC advertising is that it caters for all budgets. Whether you want to spend £50 a month or £10,000 a week, you can still get great results.

Latest projects

“I would recommend Ryan to get results as one of our websites has increased to 623% in organic traffic since the same time last year.”

Rating: 5

“Ryan did an outstanding job of understanding our organisation and our brief for a new website. The final result has surpassed our expectations.”

Broadway Lodge
Rating: 5

“I have worked with Ryan on a number of projects and it always amazes me the breadth of his knowledge and expertise within SEO and Digital Marketing.”

Hide the Shark
Rating: 5
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If you’re a small or medium sized business needing digital marketing support, drop me a line and we can see what we can do.

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