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Engineering an SEO strategy that generated traffic and backlinks

"I would recommend Ryan to get results as one of our websites has increased to 623% in organic traffic since the same time last year."

Engine Creative are one of the UK’s leading augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) designers for brands and businesses.

Since the soft-launch of their purpose-built augmented reality software platform, Reydar, a couple of years ago, the team were now looking to step up their promotional awareness efforts of their unique product.

While the Engine Creative agency had their own established website, was starting from the bottom. Working closely with the team we set out an SEO strategy with the following aims:

  • Get higher rankings on important keywords
  • Get long-term sustainable high traffic
  • Get new enquiries through each month

To achieve the above we followed these steps:

  1. Create landing pages that target all the necessary AR-related keywords
  2. Create high-quality blog content to generate traffic and backlinks

We started by evolving the current website sitemap with new landing pages that targeted specific keywords based on extensive research. We also amended existing landing pages to better target important key long-tail phases.

Once our on-site SEO was initially complete, we then set out a content marketing plan to generate more traffic and powerful backlinks.

We created high quality expert posts like the following:

With certain SEO tactics we were able to greatly improve traffic over the year as well as gain excellent high quality backlinks.


Reydar SEO
How the average keyword ranking improved over time.

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