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Cambridge Council

Raising awareness for the Spare Rooms For Ukraine campaign

Here's how I supported Cambridge Council.

Cambridge and South Cambridge Council needed support to run a sophisticated Google Ads campaign to maximise the impact of their Spare Rooms For Ukraine Campaign.

The aims were to increase awareness of the campaign to Cambridge residents and get as many enquiries as possible.

To tackle this on a basic level, I set up 2 campaigns.

Firstly, to raise awareness to as many Cambridge residents as possible, I set up a display campaign targeting residents with certain criteria. This had the added benefit of being cheaper to run than a lead generation campaign.

Secondly, to try and raise the number of enquiries, I set up targeted search ads driving users to the appropriate landing page.

There was a balance to be made between the 2 campaigns in order to maximise the budget as much as possible. There were a number of rules and triggers set up to ensure this.

With a digital dashboard set up so that myself and the client could track their progress and budget spent, this made things very transparent for reporting purposes.

The campaign was successful in raising as much awareness as possible and generating a high number of enquiries on a limited budget.

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