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The Dent Men

Scaling up Google Ads campaigns for a growing business

Here's how I supported The Dent Men.

The Dent Men is the largest franchise of mobile dent repair specialists in the UK.

They needed to increase the visibility of their brand and generate leads on a regular and consistent basis for each of their franchise locations. They also needed to scale up their marketing efforts as and when any new franchise locations were set up.

To tackle this, I set up a number of Google Ads campaigns targeting lead generation. The accounts and campaigns were structured in a way that could easily be scaled up when needed.

After continuous optimising each month I managed to hit upon a formula for generating consistent enquiries with a limited budget. This made introducing new locations very simple.

Each month I provided consise reporting to make it easier for The Dent Men to understand how effectively their budget was being spent.

The campaigns have been running for a year and have seen the business expand with number of enquiries significantly increasing over time.

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