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Creating a high-ranking and easy-to-use website for this historic IT company

Here's how I supported FROG.

FROG are one of the most experienced and knowledgeable IT support and training providers in the country. Their history dates back to 1986 assisting Stephen Hawking with a very early word processor on A Brief History of Time.

Much to my amazement that wonderful soundbite of history wasn’t mentioned on their website. And so it was my job to uncover FROG’s history of IT excellence and support, and to construct them a new website reflected their high quality training.

But the other important area was search rankings, where they had now dropped off the first results page of Google. With their previous website, the structure of which was very outdated, not only making it confusing for Google’s algorithms but also users in general.

For FROG’s new website we paid particular attention to the following:

  • Updated branding, imagery and messaging
  • Investigate the site’s current digital footprint with a full SEO audit
  • New site structure to enhance SEO capabilities
  • Tone of voice guidelines and SEO copywriting
  • Updated functionality and booking system
  • Full project management
  • Post-launch digital training

In rethinking and restructuring their site with SEO and user experience in mind we were able to improve average rankings by +35 positions overnight.

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