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The Upholstery Barn

Crafting a cost-effective Google Ads PPC campaign for a boutique upholstery business

Here's how I supported The Upholstery Barn.

Based in Cambridge, The Upholstery Barn is the creative brainchild of talented and renowned craftswoman, Anne McGarvey.

Anne was finding that the number and level of enquiries she was getting wasn’t matching up to the quality of her work. So in order to change that we devised a cost-effective plan that would ensure that The Upholstery Barn would be lead generator for Anne.

Our plan was to create a highly effective Google Ads Pay Per Click campaign that would get the phones ringing. To do this we did the following:

  • Update the design of the exiting website
  • Write high-quality copy for the website and ads
  • Create highly-optimised Google Ads campaigns

Once the Google Ads campaigns were running Anne could check the progress of these through a dashboard app on her phone. The dashboard app enabled her to see how much her campaigns had spent, how many site visitors she was getting and how many enquiries the site was producing.

In the first month alone we managed to generate Anne more than twice the amount of enquiries she would usually receive even on a tight budget.

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